Bok & blueshuset

Bok & blueshuset is the center for the main cultural activities in Notodden. Here you’ll find the city’s movie theaters, city library, café, live stage, blueseum and much more.

Movie Theater

The cinema complex in Bok & Blueshuset is world class. Two theaters, both with 4k resolution and high frame rate image giving crystal clear performance.  Also, both have Dolby Atmos sound system and Dolby 3D Pictures. Welcome to a very special movie experience.

Cultural School

Notodden Cultural School offers a variety of programs within song, dance and various instruments. Since 1991 Notodden culture sprouts has flourished at the school. We enjoy the new facilities at Bok& Blueshuset, with brand new rehearsal rooms and professional instructors.

Notodden Blues Festival 

Notodden Blues Festival is the leading festival for blues in Norway and has existed since 1988. At Notodden Blues Festival you can experience the best of international, national and local blues and blues related music. The festival offers a unique atmosphere and attracts more than 30,000 visitors.

Dany’s Cafe

Dany’s Cafe is the café serving lunch in the house, right next to the live stage. Enjoy our selection of coffees. The café also does catering for all kinds of events.

Juke Joint Studios

This award-winning studio in Notodden is known for two things: It is analogue, and it has a spacious recording room with high ceilings that give the studio a unique sound. In our digital world, more and more people appreciate such qualities.

City Library

The City Library is state of the art with flexible solutions and many exciting departments. Enjoy the spectacular view of the Heddal Lake. Welcome to the library!

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